What kind of stage light is more suitable for you to buy?

With the global changes, more and more stage lights have been applied to various regions, among which the most is the Stage Moving Head Lights, so in order to adapt to the global changes, VALAVA has also launched a variety of new Stage Moving Head Lights, high temperature resistance, extreme cold resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and there are also great changes in appearance. On the basis of the original also added a colorful halo.



These products are our latest upgraded models, which are LED-150A, LED-200A, MH-250A, MH-280A, MH-300A and MH-380A. Their different numbers correspond to the wattage of their lamp beads. The bulbs we use are all high quality bulbs from OSRAM and Philips. The LED module is also a new LED module with high saturation and high color temperature.



The product supports DMX control,RDM control,Product software can be upgraded through DMX signal line.


The product design is novel and advanced, the structure is reasonable,the air path layout is excellent, and the heat dissipation effect is good. Whether it is rainy.sandy or humid, the product can work with high quality, and will not accumulate dust inside the lamp body,and will not affect the interior The original parts such as optics, patterns,color films and light sources cause damage, and also prevent oily smoke or water vapor from accumulating in the lamp body, effectively ensuring the safety and normal function of each part of the product.
Stage Moving Head Lights are usually used in concerts, musicals, plays and other large-scale performances to change the lighting with the change of the stage to increase the performance effect.

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