The development trend of the stage lighting industry

Stage entertainment lighting equipment is mainly used in music concerts, theater performances, etc., theme parks also have considerable demand for stage entertainment lighting equipment, stage entertainment lighting equipment can render the stage and create an atmosphere: music Tours usually have uncertain venues, stage lighting effects customized characteristics, determines its stage entertainment lighting equipment has a strong new and more New needs; The need of various kinds of drama performances, the construction of new theaters will inevitably produce new demands for lighting equipment; Entertainment/theme parks meet the needs of tourists to play integrated, its performance activities need customized lighting effects, stage entertainment lighting equipment update frequency is high. In the long term, the demand for stage lighting market is strong.

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in early 2020, countries have introduced a series of measures and policies to restrict the flow of people and reduce the gathering of people according to their national conditions to curb the new coronavirus epidemic, and performing arts activities have been greatly restricted due to the above measures and policies, and the global performing arts lighting equipment market has been greatly impacted. With the normalization of the global novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control, various countries and regions have gradually relaxed the relevant policies and measures restricting the gathering of people, and the market demand for performing arts equipment has gradually recovered.

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